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Voiceover Development

Proven insider expertise from the pros who live it

Our latest solution in development: VO talent need a centralized, easy to use set of resources to up their professional game. We're compiling proven strategies from the pros who walk the walk to bring a unified, easy to execute product VO's will use to book more work and make their dreams of success a reality. Stay tuned!


Introduce yourself to the world

In 2012 True Tone Studios, Llc conceived and introduced the web's first video-maker of its kind; a tool to create high impact video you don't have to shoot. How does that work, you ask? Find out.

True Tone Vocal Booth

Portable acoustic treatment solution

This patent-pending solution in development represents a sound absorption solution for today's voiceover talent. The simplicity of the design is the key: Easy to set up and break down in minutes, it's lightweight and provides the true quiet area for recording. All of this offered at an aggressively competitive price. There's no solution quite like this on the market.

Track Jumping

Live in the music

TTS's first unique creation was Track Jumping, a one-of-a-kind one-hour radio show designed for syndication. Host Brian Thon plays alternative rock and explores the lyrical themes through a big-picture spiritual lens. Edgy with depth. 




The next stage in website evolution

Website building is easier than ever with platforms that allow you to drop and drag design elements. The problem is that site exploration still isn't as dynamically immersive as you want. Enter Jyrus, the direction web design needs to go. Dimensional spaces you can enter and interact with. The experience you want years ahead of its time.


Stories you play in

Many life lessons play out through the antics of lovable children's books. The ExploraStory audio show comes alive in voice performance with full soundscapes and lively characters. Then, we talk about the deeper meanings of the stories in simple ways so little ones can have a richer understanding of life, and grow in their love of story and imagination. It's fun and affecting.


"Working with True Tone Studios was a wonderful experience: Professional, friendly, patient and delivers on time! Their commitment to excellence shows in their work. I will definitely use TTS’s expertise again."  

Nancy L - Voiceover Artist

News & Highlights

Seven Days

Print and online news

Published interview about life as a Voiceover Artist


Voiceover conference

Featured speaker at prestigious voiceover conference in NYC


Digital news and entertainment

Featured subject as one of BuzzFeed's "Top 20 Off-beat Careers"

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